Jenkins delays retirement

Published 10:37 am Tuesday, February 5, 2013

JACKSON – Northampton County Manager Wayne Jenkins will see yet another county budget through to adoption.

On Monday, Board of Commissioners Chairman Robert Carter announced that Jenkins will remain with the county until the end of June before taking his retirement. Jenkins was slated to retire March 29, as announced last October.

“By mutual agreement our County Manager has delayed his original date of retirement and will remain serving us as our manager through June 30, 2013,” Carter read from a prepared statement. “This will allow Mr. Jenkins to assist with and support preparation for the upcoming 2013-2014 budget process. On behalf of the board, I say thank you County Manager Jenkins for delaying.”

In a later interview, Jenkins said the board is currently searching for his replacement.

“That process is not progressing as rapidly as the situation, particularly the upcoming budget, might need to be progressing,” he said. “By mutual agreement, I said I would be pleased to stay on through the budget adoption process. I’ll be there to work with department heads and to support the finance officer.”

Jenkins said he has yet to make any retirement plans and he intends to assist the county in making the transition as smooth as possible.

“It’s always been my philosophy to do whatever I can to assist Northampton County and I am pleased to do so,” he said.

A 1968 graduate of Northampton County High School, Jenkins first began his employment with the county in 1982 as Water Supervisor and Emergency Management Coordinator. He served in that dual position until 1992 at which time he was promoted to Public Works Director.

In the meantime, Jenkins attended continuing education classes at NC State University, East Carolina University and the Institute of Government (IG) in Chapel Hill. Listed among his IG courses were budgeting and advanced financial planning.

Jenkins also had a 22-year career in the North Carolina Army National Guard.