Join the fun; join the Scouts

Published 9:47 am Monday, January 7, 2013

To the Editor:

I am writing on behalf of Boy Scout Troop 129. I am trying to get the word out to boys that are interested in joining Boy Scouts.

Boy Scouts is a youth-run organization to teach boys about important things they need to know to be successful in the world. In Boy Scouts you can learn how to do auto maintenance on a truck; how to survive in the wilderness if you are lost; how to take care of someone who is injured; the importance of leadership; and about the world around us in general.

This whole time you will be having the most fun imaginable. Our Troop has spent the night in the Lost Sea Cave in Tennessee; we have spent the night on the USS Yorktown in Charleston, S.C; canoeing at Merchants Millpond in Gates County; and visited the Coast Guard base in Elizabeth City.

During the fun you will be learning important life lessons – leadership, trustworthiness, what it means to be a good citizen, and many things you need to have a successful career.

Many famous and important people were once Boy Scouts. Neil Armstrong was an Eagle Scout, and we all know what he is famous for. Harrison Ford from “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones” was a Boy Scout. Bill Gates and John F. Kennedy were others to don the Boy Scout uniform.

So, to cap it all off, Boy Scouts is a youth-run organization. We take many fun trips and do many fun things. The whole time you will learn important life skills that will help you become very successful in life.

We meet at the St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Ahoskie at 7 p.m. every Monday.

Ryan Pierce

Star Scout

Troop 129