Rep. Wray reelected

Published 12:28 am Wednesday, November 7, 2012

JACKSON – Rep. Michael H. Wray won a resounding victory in his bid to retain the North Carolina House District 27 seat.

Wray, running for the first time in his redrawn district, won both Northampton and Halifax counties in his race against Libertarian candidate Jesse Shearin. Wray had 29,433 votes compared to just 2,940 for Shearin.

“I am honored and humbled for the confidence in me the citizens of Halifax and Northampton Counties have shown by re-electing me to the N.C. House of Representatives,” Wray said Tuesday night. “My thanks go out to everyone who volunteered to work in this election and to the voters who participated in this election.”

The incumbent representative also congratulated Shearin for the campaign he ran.

“My congratulations go out to Mr. Shearin for running a hard fought and clean election – one where both of our ideals and visions for governing were openly shared with the electorate,” he said.

Wray also committed to continue his work for the district.

“My pledge to the citizens of District 27 is to work tirelessly to improve the economic conditions of Halifax and Northampton Counties, to continue to find ways to provide our children a quality education and to improve the quality of life for our families and children,” he said.

Wray claimed a decided victory in One-Stop voting with 17,641 votes compared to 1,175 for Shearin. On Election Day, Wray had 11,394 while Shearin claimed just 1,688.

Northampton County overwhelming supported its native son with 8,861 votes while Shearing claimed 798. Wray also won Halifax County easily. He claimed 20,572 votes in that county while Shearin had 2,142.