Wesson, Trent elected Bertie Commissioner

Published 11:40 pm Tuesday, November 6, 2012

WINDSOR – Bertie County will have two new commissioners come Dec. 1.

According to unofficial results Tuesday night, unaffiliated candidate John Trent unseated three-term veteran commissioner Norman M. Cherry Sr. in the District 4 race. Trent captured the race 5,209 to 3,967.

Also, Democratic nominee Ronald D. Wesson scored a victory over Republican challenger Angela Bridges Simmons in the District 1 race. Wesson received 7,610 votes compared to 1,934 for Simmons.

Democratic nominee Annie F. Wilson also was officially elected Register of Deeds. She was unopposed in the General Election.

In the District 1 race, Wesson claimed 11 of the 12 precincts and also carried 80 percent of the One-Stop voting results

“I am absolutely thrilled that citizens have given me the opportunity to work for them and with them to help build a better Bertie,” Wesson said. “Thank you for your trust and thank you for standing up for the belief that we need and deserve better and more responsive leadership.

“Those who know me well know that I am driven by a deep conviction to make a difference,” he added. “I will do everything within my power to live up to your vote of confidence. A charge I have to keep and a God to glorify.”

It was One-Stop voting that was the key to victory as Wesson claimed 3,605 votes to only 691 for Simmons. He also claimed 1,259 by way of absentee ballots compared to 318 for Simmons.

Some of the precincts which gave Wesson victory were Windsor I (520-128), Roxobel (405-68), Woodville (284-31) and Colerain II (207-36). Other victories included Mitchells I (147-94), Mitchells II (265-102), Colerain I (147-117), Snakebite (172-19), Whites (222-108) and Indian Woods (109-7).

Simmons won just a single precinct, taking the Windsor II precinct 127-120.

Overall, Wesson claimed nearly 80 percent of the vote (79.72 percent) in the county.

In the other commission race, the county voters chose an unaffiliated candidate to fill the District 4 seat. Trent captured 56.81 percent of the vote to secure victory.

Trent won nine of the 12 precincts and captured the highest number of votes for One-Stop voting in securing his victory.

One-Stop voters gave Trent 2,536 in his favor while Cherry received 1,659 votes. While the One-Stop voting went for Trent, Cherry claimed the Absentee votes by mail, earning 792 votes compared to 681 for Trent.

The two candidates had a closer race during the day on Tuesday. Trent secured wins in nine of the 12 precincts. They included Whites (179-116), Woodville (169-151), Windsor I (369-253), Merry Hill (107-95), Woodville (169-151), Colerain I (161-70), Colerain II (126-110) and Mitchells I (113-104).

Cherry won Roxobel (237-229), Mitchells II (172-165) and Snakebite (98-96).

Register of Deeds-elect Annie Wilson secured her election in a race in which she was unopposed. Wilson finished with 7,762 votes.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the citizens of Bertie County for your interest, support and vote,” she said following the election results. “I did not achieve this victory alone. I am ever so grateful to my coworkers, family, friends and community for their assistance.

“As I promised, I will continue to pursue ways to preserve historic and current records and to keep abreast of developing and innovative technology that will maintain a 21st century level of service to the community,” she added. “Again, I appreciate your continual support of the Register of Deeds office.”