Election will shape our future

Published 8:02 am Thursday, November 1, 2012

To the Editor:

In a few days we will cast a vote that will determine our future for years to come.

Will we vote for a party that believes in an ever expanding redistribution of wealth or a party that believes in the free market system and limited government?

The differences between the two major political parties have never been clearer.

We have a President that wants to change the biblical definition of marriage and his party doesn’t even want God in its platform. They think that Israel should give up land in exchange for a false peace.

They support planned parent-hood, better known as legalized murder. Throughout my life, I’ve heard Democrats often say that Republicans don’t care about the little man. But the Democrats don’t care about the littlest among us, the unborn. They support more intrusive government into our private lives. A government that tells you what kind of light bulb you have to buy and how many gallons of water to flush in your toilet is getting too big.

It seems like only yesterday that we voted for candidates who had character, integrity, honesty and the ability to lead. Now, we have a president who openly brags about the use of illegal drugs while in college. And his campaign just launched a sexually implicit ad that is reprehensible. He can’t run on his record of accomplishments, so he resorts to all he’s got left, and that is to demonize and call names. He reminds me of a school yard bully.

This Administration only cares about getting re-elected. They spew hate filled rhetoric and divisive speech that incite unrest. Is America really a better place after four years of “hope & change”? Are we closer together as a nation?

During his overseas “apology tour”, the President apologized for America’s greatness. His failure to protect the nation from terrorism (the Fort Hood shooting was a terrorist act) and his appeasement to evil dictators will not cause our enemies to get this warm and fuzzy feeling and suddenly like us. The people that hated us in 2001 still do and they would cut off your head if they had the chance. The President’s failure to protect our diplomatic mission in Benghazi is a huge and growing scandal. Can you imagine the thoughts that our people that were under attack had after their calls for help were denied?

A friend called me recently and mentioned something that really hits home here in the Roanoke Chowan area: The shipyard. Many people depend on the shipyard for jobs so they can feed their families. Welders, ship fitters, laborers, machinists, welding instructors at community colleges, suppliers, support industries and others depend on the shipyard for their way of life.

Our military should remain the most formidable force on earth. If elected President, Governor Romney has promised to build more ships and submarines and to make our defenses stronger. Through strength there is peace.

The blood of many patriots has been shed for your right to vote. On November 6th, please exercise that right and vote.

Garry Terry