After the rain, the sun…..

Published 8:38 am Tuesday, October 23, 2012

To the Editor:

To those of you who have never experienced the befuddled bliss of a surprise birthday party, indeed you’ve missed a treat.

If you’ve never wondered how utterly cluless and stupid you can feel, just stick around and sooner or later, you too, will be had. Honorable humiliation will come down your street.

And who better to accomplish this tedious task than trusted friends and family. They conspire and scheme for months – sneakin’ and plottin’ (they walk among us…be not deceived).

They want to see what  you’re made of. Will you faint with sophistication or turn and run like a shot cat? They lie in wait.

And after they rehearse ways to make you laugh – and cry – and laugh – and cry – they’re happy and you’re ecstatic. You feel like singing a few bars of “I Feel Like Going On” because life is a little sweeter – because you know you’re truly loved.

I thank God for my kids, for Peaches and Roy, and for ALL my beloved “conspirators” who brightened my world – and who do it continually without even knowing.

Trinette Vaughan-Sharpe