Voter registration deadline nears

Published 9:18 am Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Those wishing to be able to vote in the General Election on Nov. 6 must be registered by Friday.

The local election directors have been busy in the past several weeks processing application forms from those who are registering to vote, making changes to their address or switching party affiliation.

“With all of those things together, we have processed over 500 applications in the last few months,” said Hertford County Elections Director Sheila Privott. “That is a little bit higher than normal during a Presidential election year.”

Privott said those in Hertford County wishing to register for the first time or change address or party should do so by coming into the Elections Office in Winton or printing the form from the North Carolina Board of Elections website ( and mail it to the elections office in Hertford County.

“We welcome people to come to our office and we’ll help them get registered or make changes,” she said. “If you choose to mail it in, please make sure it is postmarked by Friday.”

In Northampton County, Elections Director Susie Squire said more than 200 applications have been received in the last few weeks.

“There have been several voter registration drives where people have filled them out and sent in the forms,” Squire said. “We have had several people register that already were on the books.”

Squire said her office will gladly field calls for those who need to know if they are registered or where their polling place is located.

“We will be glad to answer questions about registration,” she said.

Those who want to ask about their voter registration status can do so by calling 534-5681.

Bertie County Elections Director Sheila Holloman said her office has also processed nearly 200 voter registrations in the last several weeks.

“We have had a couple of registration drives and that has led to a high number of registrations being turned in,” Holloman said. “We have had nearly 200 turned in and I’ve given out 400-500 forms.”

Holloman said she hoped citizens would continue to register and suggested they take the opportunity to come to the office in Windsor to register or mail the form in by Friday.

“Everyone needs to remember if they are mailing in their registration forms to have it postmarked by Friday,” she said. “That is the only precaution about mailing it in.”

All three offices will be open 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. with a break for lunch during the coming week. Registration ends at 5 p.m. Friday.