Jail escapee caught

Published 8:50 am Tuesday, August 21, 2012

JACKSON – An investigation is being conducted here at the Northampton County Detention Center after an inmate escaped.

On Friday, Elmo Harrison, 53, of Garysburg escaped from the Detention Center in Jackson at approximately 5:15 p.m.

Harrison was apprehended by the Northampton County Sheriff’s Office one hour later in Garysburg.

According to Sheriff Wardie Vincent, it is believed Harrison allegedly jimmied a back gate leading to the recreation area of the jail.

“Right after supper while the officers were cleaning up the inmate made his way to the gate,” he said. “He scaled the razor wire fence using a broom and possibly another object.”

Vincent said Harrison, still in his jail issued jumpsuit, was spotted by a citizen as he left the area.

The citizen reported the sighting to the authorities and an inmate count was immediately conducted which revealed one prisoner was missing.

Meanwhile, Harrison managed to get a ride to Garysburg where the NCSO eventually arrested him.

Harrison was charged with misdemeanor escape and brought back to the Northampton County Detention Center.

Vincent said Harrison had been serving a 150 day sentence for a probation violation by trespass since July 27.

On Monday, Vincent said he is investigating the escape by looking into procedures and manpower.

“We’re reviewing cameras to see what exactly took place,” Vincent said.

He commended the vigilance of the citizen who reported seeing Harrison.