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Published 9:36 pm Wednesday, August 15, 2012


That’s what Terry Greene of Eure asked for here Aug. 1 as he sought the assistance of the Gates County Board of Commissioners in making his community safer.

Greene pointed out to the board members that North Carolina DOT has changed the position of the speed limit signs near the entrance of the community that sits along NC 137.

“It use to be the (45 zone, which eventually lowered to 35 mph upon reaching the heart of the community in the area of the Post Office/Fire Department and ensuing residential area) sign was there at the canal near the White Oak Road,” Greene noted. “For some oddball reason they’ve moved the sign. That means you can still legally drive at 55 mph as you enter Eure.”

Greene asked the commissioners to point him in the right direction so he could personally contact DOT and ask for the signs to be returned to where they were before being moved.

“The traffic there at the old railroad crossing knocks along at 55 to 60 mph,” Greene said. “There’s been a few incidents, especially with 18 wheelers. Fortunately they all worked out, but a few have been hair raising.”

Greene further suggested that a bus stop ahead sign or child playing sign could be erected as well.

“I talked to them (DOT) last year about this and I got a letter from them,” said Commission Chairman Graham Twine. “Their response was that they saw no hazard there (in moving the sign).”

Twine said he had the contact information for DOT that Greene needed and would share it with him.

“You can contact them and I’ll do the same once again,” Twine said.

Twine added that the county had attempted to convince DOT to move the sign back to theWhite Oak Road.

“They weren’t interested in making any changes because they say there’s been no wrecks there,” Twine stated. “I reckon you have to have two or three people killed in wrecks before they’ll do anything. I don’t think anyone wants to see that happen.”

Twine said he personally supports Greene’s efforts and promised to help him in any way possible.

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