Movie scheduled to film at Hope Plantation

Published 10:55 am Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WINDSOR – A casting call for the new film, BOX BROWN, will be from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 25 at the visitor center at Historic Hope Plantation in Windsor.

Principal photography will take place later in the year at Hope Plantation and other Windsor locations and in around the Triangle area of the state.

BOX BROWN is the amazing true story of Henry “Box” Brown, a Virginian slave who mailed himself to freedom in Philadelphia in 1849. Find out more at

Many open roles are available for the movie, speaking and non-speaking. Roles are non-paying. All participants will receive DVD and credit on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB).

The open roles include:

HOUSE SLAVES, all ages; primarily female adult; African-American;

FIELD SLAVES, 1820s to 1850; primarily male adult; African-American;

ABOLITIONISTS, 1849 to 1850; all ages; male & female; all nationalities; and

SOUTHERN TRADESMEN, 1849; primarily male;

Principle roles include:

NANCY BROWN – to portray ages 20s to 35; Henry’s romance and later wife is vital to the story. Commands powerful presence, must convey wide range of emotions: bliss to destitute;

BOY HENRY – Takes place in 1819; African-American; Age 5; Henry’s earliest recollections having been born and raised on the plantation;

COBBLER – 1849; Caucasian; Age appearance 30s – 40s; prefer someone who can demonstrate traditional wood working techniques (to help create a powerfully visual intro to the film). The Cobbler partners with Henry to build the box;

BOY HENRY’S MASTER – 1819; Male; Caucasian; Age appearance late 30s, early 40s; a former governor that now oversees operations on his plantation;

HENRY’S NEW MASTER – 1830 to 1848; Male; Caucasian; Age appearance 30s to early 40s; and

HENRY’S MAMA – 1819 to 1830; African-American; portray possible age range of late 20s to early 40s.

Featured/speaking roles include:

HENRY’S BROTHER @ AGE 4 – 1819; male; African-American; seen playing with Henry in the yard of the plantation;

HENRY’S BROTHER @ AGE 18 – 1830; male; African-American;

PREACHER – 1819; Male; Caucasian; Age 30s – 50s; baptizes Boy Henry;

AUCTIONEER – 1849; Male; Caucasian; Age 30s – 50s; auctions slaves at train station;

TRAIN FOREMAN – 1849; Male; Caucasian; Age late 20s to 50s; instructs others to pickup/handle Henry’s box;

MR. LEE – 1832; Male; Caucasian; Age late 20s to 50s; Nancy’s first master, a banker;

SADDLER – 1837; Male; Caucasian; Age late 20s to 50s; Nancy’s second master, a saddler;

MR. SAMUEL CARTRELL – 1842; Male; Caucasian; Age late 20s to 50s; Nancy’s 3rd Master;

STEAMSHIP CREW # 1 – 1849; Age 20s – 40s; a steamship laborer; and

McKIM, ABOLITIONIST – 1849; Male; Caucasian; Age 30s to 40s When delivered, box opened, first person Henry sees.

There are additional Featured/Non-Speaking roles available.

Candidates may submit up to three roles they would like to be considered for along with their resume, headshot, reel / acting samples via email to Qualifying candidates will be contacted to schedule a specific audition time.

Candidates unable to make this audition date may also email their information for consideration.

For featured extra roles, special interest/consideration given to candidates that have access to appropriate period clothing. Some featured roles may be offered without an in-person audition.

BOX BROWN is brought to you by the by the makers of the new feature film, DAR HE: The Lynching of Emmett Till (2012)——winner of six Best Film awards. And the two films “Empty Space” (2009) and “Wolf Call” (2010): winners of 23 festival awards and 10 nominations. “Wolf Call” was also nominated for a 2012 Black Reel Award for Outstanding Short Film—

Rob Underhill ( is the director and producer; Aravind Ragupathi ( serves as DP and producer; and Mike Wiley ( has the leading role and also serves a producer.