Storm damages county property

Published 9:06 am Thursday, July 5, 2012

JACKSON – Insurance will likely pay for damages to county-owned structures damaged during a strong thunderstorm that blew through Northampton County on Sunday.

On Tuesday, during a rescheduled Northampton County Board of Commissioners meeting, County Manager Wayne Jenkins gave the board an update on the situation after Commissioner Joseph Barrett inquired about the matter.

Jenkins said as of Tuesday morning the only damage to county buildings included facial and gutter damage to the Northampton Memorial Library due to a fallen tree.

“I don’t believe there is any structure damage to the building or any damage to the roof,” he said.

Jenkins referred to Public Works Director Jason Morris who confirmed there seemed to be no major structure damage.

Jenkins said some trees were lost at public works and there was no damage at the Health Department or Public Works.

However, there was damage to the E-911 Center in Jackson.

E-911 Director Ronald Storey Jr. said one of the center’s antennas blew around causing damage. A power surge also caused power amplifiers to burn up in the radios.

“We’re back up and we’re functioning, but we’re not at 100 percent,” Storey said. “I’m in the process of getting that fixed and unfortunately it’s a little costly to get those (parts).”

Morris said the radio antenna at his office also looks to be bent from the wind.

The roof to a county-owned pump house in the Potecasi area was also blown off and the pump suffered electrical damage.

“Are we going to be able to take care of most of this through insurance,” Barrett asked.

Morris said yes.

Jenkins noted the town of Jackson has damage that would likely exceed the threshold for aid.

On Sunday numerous trees were toppled over, damaging homes as straight-line winds ripped through the county. The town of Jackson was particularly hit hard by the storm with trees down and structural damage to homes and businesses. The entire town was left without power.

Portions of Woodland also suffered power loss. As of Tuesday morning, power was yet to be restored to the Woodland Town Hall. Woodland had damage to trees and power lines on Main Street near Cedar Grove Friends Meeting. The strong winds also apparently sheered the front porch off of a home on Main Street.