Vaughan seeks reelection

Published 9:12 am Tuesday, May 15, 2012

WINTON – With two years still remaining on his current term, Hertford County’s top law enforcement officer has officially announced his intentions to seek reelection in 2014.

If Sheriff Juan Vaughan is successful in that election bid and serves out the full four-year term, he would rank among the county’s longest serving sheriffs as 2018 would mark his 20th year in office.

“We have constantly worked hard to meet the needs of the ever changing demands and trends that are placed on law enforcement,” Vaughan said. “I am extremely proud of our agency and the accomplishments that we have made. It is my desire to lead this agency for many years.”

Vaughan is a seasoned law enforcement officer, beginning that career in Feb. 1981. He was sworn in as Sheriff of Hertford County on Jan. 1, 1998 and currently directs a staff of 65 employees.

“We enjoy working for the citizens of Hertford County,” Vaughan stated. “We are a law enforcement agency dedicated to improving the quality of life of the citizens of Hertford County by providing professional law enforcement service through effective, efficient, and proactive police service throughout the county.”

He continued, “I am committed to ensuring the operation of a proficient, secure, and adequate facility that supports all the law enforcement agencies in Hertford County in our fight against crime and violence as a competent part of the administration of criminal justice.  I understand the statutory responsibilities bestowed upon a Sheriff and I am dedicated to meet those responsibilities in an effective and efficient manner.”

Vaughan said during his tenure he has worked every day to make the Sheriff’s Office better than it was the day before.

“My administrative staff has many years of law enforcement experience,” he said. “This expertise has allowed us to quickly recognize the needs of the department to more effectively serve the people.  Most importantly we recognize our obligation to the citizens of Hertford County.”

Vaughan added that the statutory responsibilities of the Sheriff are three-fold:

1. Provide law enforcement services for the people of Hertford County;

2. Administer the County Jail; and

3. Perform judicial duties (warrants, arrests, court, etc.).

Vaughan has been married to the former Gail Williams since 1981. They are the parents of two children, Juanisha, who is married to Calvin Hart, and Juan II.  They also have two grandsons, Jaylon and Kyle.

“Because of my love and concern for my family and community, I work closely with the local school system to ensure safety and comfort for our youth,” Vaughan said. “I, along with my efficient staff, am persistent in our efforts to reduce the crime rate in Hertford County.”

Vaughan closed by saying, “There are many more activities in our agency, too numerous to list, but my pledge is to continuously provide better service to the citizens of Hertford County in all that we do.”

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