Election 2012: Wesson challenges Hoggard

Published 10:14 am Thursday, February 16, 2012

While filing in the Roanoke-Chowan region slowed Tuesday and Wednesday, it did produce a few new names on the ballot.

In Bertie County, a race has developed for the County Commission seat currently held by board chairman L.C. Hoggard III. Hoggard filed Monday for reelection to his seat.

During Tuesday’s filing he was joined by fellow Democrat Ronald D. “Ron” Wesson. One of four men who sued Bertie County as representatives of the Friends of Bertie, Wesson also sought the position in 2008. He finished third of three candidates for the post during that election.

A development also occurred in the Northampton County Commission District 1 race. Two-term incumbent James Hester, who currently serves as board chair, announced he will not seek reelection.

Instead, Joseph R. “Joe” Barrett has filed for office in District 1. He filed as a Democrat for the seat on Tuesday.

In addition, Vershenia Ballance Moody, who serves as an Assistant District Attorney in Judicial District 6A (Halifax County), filed earlier this week to replace the retiring Thomas R.J. Newbern as District Court Judge.

Hertford County Board of Elections Director Sheila Privott said no one filed Tuesday or Wednesday. No report was available from the Gates County Board of Elections.

With the new candidates, the current filing looks like this:

  • NC House District 5 – Annie W. Mobley (I), Linda Blackburn;
  • NC House District 27 – Michael H. Wray (I);
  • Judicial District 6B District Court Judge – Vershenia Ballance Moody;
  • Bertie County Commissioner District 1 – L.C. Hoggard III (I), Ronald D. Wesson;
  • Bertie County Commissioner District 4 – Norman M. Cherry Sr. (I);
  • Bertie County Register of Deeds – Annie F. Wilson;
  • Gates County Commissioner District 4 – Henry Jordan (I);
  • Gates County Commissioner District 5 – Graham Twine (I);
  • Gates County Register of Deeds – Sharon Harrell (I);
  • Hertford County Commissioner District 1 – Howard J. Hunter III (I);
  • Hertford County Commissioner District 2 – Ronald Gatling (I), Kathleen Wright;
  • Hertford County Commissioner District 3 – William F. Mitchell (I);
  • Hertford County Register of Deeds – Slvira Spiers, Melanie Storey;
  • Northampton County Board of Education – Marjorie Edwards (I), Clinton McCray Williams;
  • Northampton County Commissioner District 1 – Joseph R. Barrett;
  • Northampton County Commissioner District 2 – Virginia D. Spruill (I);
  • Northampton County Register of Deeds – Pauline E. Deloatch (I)