Pass me another drummette

Published 9:11 am Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI was fantastic.

So were the chicken wings.

The 46th rendition of pro football’s crown jewel definitely lived up to all the pre-game hype. Two well-matched teams led by their legendary coaches gaveAmerica and the rest of the world a game to remember.

In the end it was theNew Yorkfootball Giants that came out on top, rallying from a 17-9 third quarter deficit to collect its fourth Super Bowl title in franchise history by knocking off the New England Patriots, 21-17.

To top it all off, football fans around the nation reportedly consumed 1.25 billion chicken wings at some point during the contest, that figure according to the National Chicken Council. The folks over at PETA are crying over that fact.

During the week or so leading up to the Super Bowl, PETA unveiled a campaign that urged Super Bowl fans to lay off the wings. The organization promoted that message via billboards placed in the teams’ hometowns ofNew YorkandBostonas well asIndianapolis, which hosted the game.

The PETA billboards featured a pair of what appeared as baby chicks adjacent to the wording….“Let them keep their damn wings for one day, ok?”

Cute, PETA, real cute, but did you really have to swear at me?

Another thing….you perhaps are a bit fuzzy – pardon the pun – over where chicken wings come from. Your billboard displays two small biddies, or baby chicks, that have yet to grow their wings. Wings come from full grown chickens.

It was yet another ploy by this animal rights group, famous for its publicity stunts, in their effort to make us feel guilty for eating tasty animals.

Pass me another drummette.

It’s called the food chain and the last time I looked, humans were on top.

Chickens are grown to be consumed. That fact dates back to the invention of a chopping block and a hatchet. During childhood I remember several of my relatives using those aforementioned items to end a chicken’s life. A few hours later that bird was served for supper.

PETA needs to stick to what they do best…..euthanize dogs and cats and toss those carcasses inside privately-owned dumpsters.

Now, back to the game…..rather the other “game” played on Super Bowl Sunday – the famed commercials on TV.

While millions of football fans are glued to the tube to take in each and every snap, many choose not to raid the fridge or the wing buffet during breaks in the action in fear of missing those famous commercials.

Super Bowl XLVI was no different than its predecessors as there were a few ads that caught my eye. Personally, I enjoyed the “missing cat” commercial by Doritos. Ditto for the Clint Eastwood ad for Chrysler/Dodge as well as the Etrade baby. On the other side of that coin I hated the Seinfield-Leno ad for Acura.

But the best thing of all was the wings!


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