Town tags on tap

Published 9:42 am Thursday, February 2, 2012

MURFREESBORO — Citizens who live here may be able to proudly display where they are from on their vehicles in the future.

Last week, Lynn Johnson came before the Murfreesboro Town Council during public comments to speak about a unique fundraising opportunity for the Greater Murfreesboro Marketing Initiative (GMMI).

Johnson said in 2005 the organization was created as a spin off of the FoR ENC Creative Communities Initiative. After that initiative phased out, those on the board decided to continue the work promoting the town through GMMI.

“It’s a marketing initiative that is alive and well and we’ve been meeting since that point in time,” she said. “We have added a few members and some have (rotated off), but we feel we’re doing great work.”

Johnson said recently the group discussed some projects for GMMI, to include the possibility of town tags, which can be displayed on the front of vehicles.

“With our 225th celebration we were hoping something like that could be added to (the tag) and this marketing initiative could possibly be the entity that would sell the tags and reap the money from that to be put back into the town as a means of marketing Murfreesboro,” she said.

Johnson questioned if the project would have to get approval from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Town officials said they did not think it would need approval from DMV.

Johnson said the GMMI board did approve the project, but wanted to seek permission from the town’s governing board to sell the tags. She added the group had not come to the conclusion as to how much they would charge for the tags.

“That we would have to do at a later date,” she said. “But we did want to see if you were in a position to make that decision.”

Mayor Pro-Tempore Sarah Wallace asked Attorney Buddy Jones if council would have to vote on the matter or give consensus.

Jones recommended a vote giving GMMI permission to use the town’s name.

After further discussion, Councilwoman Gloria Odum moved to approve the measure. The motion was seconded by Wallace and passed without objection.

Johnson also spoke about other items GMMI members discussed, including a mass canvassing of the town in order to get more participation in the Candlelight Christmas Tour and encouraging council to increase funding to the Beautification Commission. They also discussed the town’s occupancy tax.