Insulting rhetoric

Published 9:26 am Thursday, October 27, 2011

I’m writing in response to the op-ed written by Karl Frish that was in Saturday’s Roanoke Chowan News Herald.

Dear Mr. Frish,

I notice that not only are you a writer, but also a Democratic strategist, which means that you have an agenda to sell. That’s ok, so do I. But, there’s a big difference in the messages we are communicating and how we are getting our positions out.

You use insulting, offensive and degrading language and your party uses class warfare, divisiveness and incendiary rhetoric. Your party can’t run on its record and you can’t run on the issues, so you bottom feed and resort to hate.

For the record, high unemployment, high gas prices, skyrocketing energy prices, a weaker dollar, an out of control EPA, trillion dollar deficits, failed stimulus programs, a failed cash for clunkers program, ever burdensome regulations, takeover of private business, expanding government, the end of America’s manned space program and the first ever downgrade of our nation’s credit rating all occurred on your watch. Your party had to bribe and buy votes to nationalize healthcare, when the majority of Americans were opposed to it. The Obama Administration has declared war on coal and has made energy production in America much more expensive and many coal power plants are being forced to shut down due to new regulations. That will result in higher electricity prices for all of us.

Your party would rather see America not go into space anymore, just because non-union workers in Right to Work states were building what would have been our next space vehicle. I believe that most people would rather see America lead the world, rather than say, “wow, we used to do that” when China and other countries leap ahead of us in space.

Your party thinks tax payer money should fund abortions and kill innocent life.

Your political correctness is killing our ability to think clearly and confront the evil that attacked us on 9/11. Your anti-gun and Agenda 21 lobby will cede our national sovereignty to the United Nations.

At our local GOP meetings, we have experts come and speak on numerous issues so that when we engage in political talk, we know the facts.

My heart aches when I think of all of the lives that have been lost defending our nation, then I see those of you that want to take our freedoms away, even the crosses at veteran memorials.

In your op-ed, you bashed all of our Republican candidates for president. Again, your rhetoric doesn’t prove anything, except that you’re good at hurling insults. I’m sure that whichever Republican wins, we’ll never again have to hear another president apologize for America.

It’s easy for you to call us names and it would be very easy for me to return the favor. But there’s a difference between leadership and ignorance.

We The People are coming.

Garry Terry