BHS classrooms reopen

Published 4:22 pm Monday, October 10, 2011

WINDSOR – Add the August 23 earthquake to the laundry list of natural disasters that have caused damage in Bertie County.

Tuesday night, the Bertie County Board of Education received an update on damage at Bertie High School. The damage was confined to the 900 Building (the one in front of the school nearest U.S. 13).

“A couple of days after the earthquake, staff found out three rooms in the 900 Building had been damaged,” Bertie County Schools Maintenance Supervisor Matthew Bond said.

Bond said he immediately contacted the local building inspector, who checked the rooms and advised him to close them until a structural engineer could come in and make sure there was no major damage.

He said he followed those instructions.

The maintenance supervisor said he then contacted the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction to have a person from that organization to inspect the rooms and the building.

“He came in and said the building is structurally sound,” Bond said. “He said it is in as good a shape as before. We all know what shape it’s in.”

School Board Chair Gloria Lee asked if the report from the engineer was in writing and Bond said it was.

He further said all three rooms were able to be used and had been opened back up for use in the building.