Beautiful — outside and in

Published 10:03 am Monday, September 19, 2011

Taking part in Wednesday’s building dedication ceremony for the new Jackson branch of the State Employees’ Credit Union from left, are James Eure, Sen. Ed Jones, McKinley Wooten, Rep. Michael Wray, Iris Williams, Percy Underdue, Natasha Wilson, Judy Collier, Dr. Al Wentzy, Mary Pope, Mary Harrell-Sessoms, Dell Aycock, Lucy Edwards, Linda Moody, Betty Lou and Talmadge Barnes (partially hidden), and Bobby Hall. Staff Photo by Amanda VanDerBroek

JACKSON — The State Employees’ Credit Union finally has a new home here.

On Wednesday, credit union, state and local officials gathered to celebrate the Jackson branch’s new facility located on East Jefferson Street, just down the road from its former location.

The new 4,200 square foot, state-of-the-art facility constructed by A.R. Chesson features many new amenities for SECU’s customers, including a teller drive-thru and ATM drive-thru, something the previous building never had.

Dr. Al Wentzy, chair of the SECU Jackson branch advisory board, said he has a profound respect for State Employees’ Credit Union.

“The thing that makes my credit union different is that they honestly care about our citizens and that’s the difference,” he said. “This is a big day for Northampton County.”

He also gave recognition to Jackson branch Manager Natasha Wilson and the staff that works along with her.

“These are the ladies that make it happen,” he said. “This is a gorgeous building; none of us would dispute that, but let me tell you something, the beauty is inside.”

Wilson said construction of the facility was very much a community project.

“I just have so much love for the people in this community,” she said. “Before we opened up on Monday, they (the town of Jackson) were making sure the parking lot was clean.”

She recognized the advisory board for their work on the project as well.

Bobby Hall, SECU senior executive vice president, was also in attendance for the ribbon cutting ceremony.

“The main people we need to thank are the people of Northampton County, we have always been welcomed here and we have always been, we feel, a vital part of this community,” he said. “We feel building this building give us that sense of permanence.”

Hall said SECU is proud of the support they received from the community.

James Eure, SECU regional senior vice president, said as a native of Northampton County he was excited to have this new facility in Jackson.

“It’s just exciting to be home where we have a branch,” he said.

He also thanked Jackson Mayor Jim Gossip for his help with the new credit union as well the Futrell family who sold the land to SECU for the construction of the facility.

Gossip said on behalf of the town he congratulated SECU on the grand opening of the new facility.

“We could not be more please to have this wonderful facility right here in downtown Jackson,” he said.

Gossip said the town is moving forward, especially in its revitalization effort, and Futrell Pharmacy will be moving into the vacant building downtown left by SECU.

“So we also thank you in helping us complete that revitalization loop,” he said.