Hawk Football Diary

Published 4:44 pm Friday, August 19, 2011

A very solid first practice of the day offensively. In both red zone periods, we got solid production from the first second and third team units, scoring early and often.

Nick Watts

We also did very well in the board drills, where an offensive player would line up on one side of the board, a defensive player on the other, and each would try to drive the other off the board. The offense won that drill overall as well, but it was an individual drill, so it depended on matchups and sheer strength of will.
We kept the streak going for the most part this afternoon in the second practice of the day. It was slightly abbreviated because of community night, but we still were able to get some good work in on third and long situations again.
After we were done with practice we went straight over to Community Night (apologies if we stank a little bit, we didn’t get to shower beforehand) and had a good time seeing everybody come out to see all of Chowan’s teams.

We admittedly went to the food first, since we had just got out of practice and were a little hungry, but after we got something in our stomachs, we got to walk around and mingle some. It is always good to see people come out and how much they are rooting for us.

Nick Watts is a junior offensive tackle for the Hawks who is a two-year starter. He was named to the CIAA All-Rookie team in 2009 and has started 20 games for the Hawks in his two seasons.