Hawk Football Diary

Published 3:18 pm Thursday, August 18, 2011

Definite rebound today. We started off with lifting today, got a great lower body workout in, including dead lifts and cleans.

Nick Watts

After a good hard hour of work we had a couple of hours to relax until lunch and the practice of the afternoon. Breaks are rare, so you have to take every opportunity you can to get off your feet.

The rest apparently worked for us, since we had a better day at practice.

Red zone drills started the day again, but this time we were much more successful, moving the ball well down there. We also had a great day on inside drills, with everyone, but the receivers working on the running game.

There were some issues when we moved down to the other end of the field, starting from ninety yards away from the goal line, but there were some good drives and nothing disastrous happened. Last two-a-day of camp is tomorrow, so after meetings and corrections tonight, it’s straight to bed to prepare for that.

We also have our community night tomorrow night after our second practice, so if anyone is interested, you can come out and see us in action.

I believe it starts at 6 pm at the Helms Center, where the gym is, and our practice field is right behind it. You can come and see and hear and talk to the players and coaches talk about the season.

Nick Watts is a junior offensive tackle for the Hawks who is a two-year starter. He was named to the CIAA All-Rookie team in 2009 and has started 20 games for the Hawks in his two seasons.