Windsor rezoning approved

Published 9:16 am Tuesday, August 16, 2011

WINDSOR – The Windsor Board of Commissioners agreed to help a small area of town here Thursday.

Following a public hearing, the board unanimously agreed to rezone property at Granville and York streets for residential use.

The lots in question are already being used as residential lots with occupied homes already there. The property, however, was zoned for use as downtown commercial.

“Single family resident homes are not allowed in the downtown commercial zoning,” Town Administrator Allen Castelloe explained. “If we had a catastrophic event and these people lost their homes, they wouldn’t be able to put them back.”

The town commissioners charged the planning board with looking into the matter. The latter group held a public hearing and two residents of the area spoke in favor of the rezoning.

Livermon Park already falls within the residential zoning, according to Castelloe, and the new zoning also meets with the Land Use Ordinance.

“I would recommend the change,” Castelloe said.

Windsor Mayor Jimmy Hoggard said he also supported the change.

With that, Commissioner Hoyt Cooper made the motion to make the change with Commissioner David Overton offering a second. It passed by a unanimous vote.

In other business, the board:

  • adopted a resolution to continue participation in the North Carolina Small Town Main Street program;
  • approved budget amendments;
  • agreed to a request to pipe the ditch on Washington Street;
  • voted to sell a lot on Cherry Lane to Willie Riddick; and
  • discussed the need for doing anything possible to help the Cashie River Bridge replacement project be finished in a timely manner.