Rich Square man charged in murder

Published 12:41 pm Saturday, August 6, 2011

RICH SQUARE – A man accused of murder held police at a standoff for nearly 40 minutes here Saturday before being arrested.

Dwight Earl Anderson of 225 Roberts Road in Rich Square fired shots at police officers and held them at bay for over half an hour before surrendering without further incident, according to police. Anderson was being sought in connection with the death of Corey Medley of 221 Robert Road.

Rich Square Police Chief Alan Roye said officers from the department responded to a call at Medley’s residence around 4:30 a.m. Saturday.

“When Lt. Byrd arrived, he found Cory Medley with a gunshot wound to the lower torso,” Chief Roye said.

EMS arrived shortly afterwards and took Medley to Roanoke-Chowan Hospital, where he died on the operating table at approximately 9:30 a.m. His wounds were too severe to be flown out to a larger hospital, according to Chief Roye.

With officers continuing the investigation, Anderson was identified by a witness as the shooter leading to search warrants being obtained for his home.

“We received information that he had fled to Virginia. However, when we attempted to gain entry into the house, he started shooting at us with the same weapon he used to kill Medley, which was an AK-47,” Chief Roye said. “We took cover, but did not return fire.”

As the standoff continued, Anderson reportedly called a friend from a cell phone and asked that friend to contact the chief, as he wanted to deal with Roye. The friend provided Chief Roye with a telephone number to talk to Anderson.

“I called him, but he couldn’t hear me because my phone was damaged in the downpour of rain,” the chief explained. “I gave his number to (Northampton County Sheriff’s Office) Det. D.M. Harmon and he made contact and talked him out.”

Chief Roye said he was happy the standoff ended without further incident.

“I was very relieved,” he said. “I am just so thankful no one else was injured or killed. It was a very tense time.”

Police charged Anderson with first degree murder in the death of Medley and said other charges are pending. The motive for the shooting appears to be an argument in which Anderson accused Medley of theft, Roye said.