Bill Early’s efforts produce results

Published 9:55 am Thursday, August 4, 2011

Some may think Hertford County is stuck in the middle of nowhere.

We beg to differ…we believe it’s in the middle of everywhere and it seems others see that as well.

Over the past 12 months four companies have opted to bring their business to Hertford County. They will combine to invest $100 million into the county. They will provide employment opportunities to our local citizens, a much-needed boost in these tough economic times where jobs are scarce.

Additionally they will pay county and municipal taxes, thus easing the burden on private individuals who provide the majority of tax dollars needed for the operation of local government entities.

And, as corporate neighbors, they will invest into civic, faith-based and recreational venues that dot the landscape of the broader Hertford County community.

Better yet, they will be good stewards of the environment as three are directly connected to “green” energy while the fourth is akin to the nation’s largest recycler.

We welcome the likes of Enviva Biomass to Ahoskie; GreenCo Solutions to Murfreesboro; and Wellons Energy Solutions, LLC and Structural Coatings Hertford, both to Cofield. The first three respectively will employ the use of renewable energy – pulpwood, solar and agricultural by-products – in their individual production process. Structural Coatings Hertford will offer a value added service to Nucor Steel’s customer base.

These new additions to the roster of Hertford County businesses are directly attributed to Economic Development Director Bill Early as well as the county’s Economic Development Commission. Recruiting new business is no easy task, especially within a rural environment and equally as tough in a sluggish economy.

Mr. Early’s attention to detail and his methodical way of first engaging a prospective business client followed by the  painstaking process of what can best be described as a courtship is to be commended.

Bill Early is perhaps Hertford County’s biggest supporter, its loudest cheerleader. Because of his efforts, Hertford County is home to four new businesses, and perhaps on the radar screen of others to follow.

– The Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald