Salaries padded with extras

Published 4:26 am Tuesday, July 26, 2011

JACKSON — A report complied by Northampton County officials for mediation shows Northampton County Schools had budgeted nearly one-half million dollars of their 2011-12 local allocation for supplements and bonuses.

The report, requested by the Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald from the County Manager’s Office, shows the school district budgeted $477,255.06 in supplemental pay and bonuses.

The PowerPoint presentation was compiled by the county for mediation with the Board of Education, which occurred less than two weeks ago.

The figures in the presentation are from the school district’s current expense budget for 2011-12 and show supplemental pay topping off at $464,755.06.

Of that total, $444,065.50 is set aside for non-classroom supplements, while only $20,689.56 is earmarked for teachers. Bonuses budgeted for this coming school year total $12,500.

The report breaks down the non-classroom numbers further with non-classroom supplemental pay coming in at $252,631.92 and the remaining supplemental pay at $201,878.90.

According to the county’s information, School Superintendent Dr. Eric Bracy, in addition to his salary (last year’s was $122,784), will receive $7,224 in supplemental pay as well as a $9,000 bonus. Meanwhile, Assistant School Superintendent Phil Matthews will receive a $6,000 taxable allowance and a $3,500 bonus, to supplement his annual salary (last year’s was $97,816).

Other supplemental pay is listed as the follows:



Medical Specialists-$9,962.58

Guidance Counselors-$11,384.01

School Nurse(s)-$5,098.13



Finance Officer-$3,212.46


Athletic Directors-$31,107.90


Nutrition Director-$2,595.99

The Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald contacted Dr. Bracy on Wednesday evening via email for comment and as of press time on Monday no response has been received.