Amendment passes first reading

Published 9:53 am Thursday, July 21, 2011

JACKSON — The Northampton County Board of Commissioners have voted to approve the amendment to the county’s Subdivision Regulations. However, it’s not a done deal.

On Monday, the commissioners voted 4-1 to accept the amendment, which eliminates the maximum number of driveways and road connections allowed by the county’s subdivision regulations. Commissioner Chester Deloatch voiced his opposition during the vote, despite, saying he supported the amendment in previous meetings.

The board will need to vote on the measure again due to Deloatch’s opposition.

According to County Manager Wayne Jenkins because the measure was a local ordinance of the law it would have to come back before the board a second time in order for it to pass.

“It takes a unanimous vote the first reading or two consecutive majority votes,” he said to the board. “So, it’s still not approved today and will require a second reading.”

Before the amendment, Article VIII, Section A of the Subdivision Regulation allowed only two driveway connections and one road connection per parent tract on record with the county as of December 8, 2002. There are 83 roads in Northampton that do not have the imposed limitations on driveways primarily due to the roads either being dead end or loop roads.

The amendment to change that regulation, submitted by a developers group, was shot down initially by the commissioners on April 18 in a 3-2 vote. The commissioners decided to revisit the issue after receiving a letter from Phillip Moncure of Moncure Mobile Homes.

Commissioner Virginia Spruill said the board had discussed and debated the issue for six months and it was time for them to make a decision.

“I envision us continuing to do something like this when it comes to rezoning and changes to the subdivision regulations because we’ll be doing it until we have a comprehensive land plan in Northampton County,” she said.

Following her comments, Spruill place a motion on the floor to approve the proposed amendment that will lift driveway and road connections allowed by the regulations, with the exception of US and NC designated highways along with River (State Road 1214), Lebanon Church (State Road 1200) and Jackson Bypass (State Road 1311) roads. Commission Vice Chair James Hester offered a second to the motion.

“So there are seven roads that there will be limitations on,” asked Deloatch before the vote was taken.

“Yes, sir,” Jenkins responded.

The vote was taken with Deloatch voicing opposition.

“I’m not going to vote to discriminate,” he said.

Spruill reminded Deloatch that the vote was in favor of the amendment he had initially supported.

“I always said I was not in favor of you putting limitations on 258, 305, 158, 301, 1214, 1311 and 1200,” Deloatch responded. “This is where they (people) want to be.”

He added the exceptions to the ordinance are roads that were not popular.