Northampton officials swap documents

Published 11:37 am Monday, July 11, 2011

JACKSON — In preparation for mediation, officials representing Northampton County local government and the public school system are requesting documentation from each other.

According to communication between the two entities, obtained from the County Manager’s Office by the Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald upon request, numerous documents have been requested and lined up in research for the meeting slated to take place at 2 p.m. on Thursday, July 14.

A June 22 letter received by the county from Schools Superintendent Dr. Eric Bracy requested nine items from local government officials, including:

Line item detail of revenue and expenditures for this year’s county budget;

Preliminary end-of-year revenue and expenditure numbers for last fiscal year;

Budget documents and ordinances for the past three fiscal years;

Regular or special audit reports, minutes for all meetings, notices for all meetings and a schedule for all meetings for the past 12 months; and

Any record that the commissioners relied on establishing this year’s budget and all correspondence, memoranda or e-mail to or from the County Manager, County Finance Officer or County Commissioners regarding the 2010-11 county budget or the 2010-11 budget for the Northampton County Board of Education.

Additionally, in a separate letter dated July 5, Bracy requested copies of minutes for any meetings of the commissioners in which they approved “the planning allotments for fiscal year 2011-12 for any departments, agencies, boards or other entities for which the County provides funding.”

“We would also like any documents referenced by or provided to the Commissioners at those meetings,” the letter continues. “Please also provide us with a breakdown of the amounts recently appropriated to each department, agency, board or other entity for which the county provides funding.”

The letter concludes by setting July 7 as a deadline.

In a June 28 letter to Dr. Bracy from County Manager Wayne Jenkins, county officials requested a list of 30 items to be provided prior to noon on July 11. The list included:

The complete FY 2011-12 school system budget, by line item with a request of showing all sources of revenue and the corresponding expenditure of those revenues.

Last fiscal year’s to date financial report through May 31 with a request that it show actual expenditures and budgeted expenditures.

Statement of (undesignated and designated) fund balance positions for the last three years and any worksheets on this subject provided by the Board of Education staff to their auditors or the Board of Education.

All instructions, budget estimates and any other data that pertains to giving guidance in the budget preparation from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction or any other entity that provides budget guidance to the school board.

The system’s educational, fiscal and purchasing policies adopted by the Board of Education.

A report on the size (ADM) and demographic composition of the student population by individual schools for the last five years. It was also requested a report, by individual schools, the number of staff (number of administrators, teachers, teacher’s assistants, etc.) along with their compensation (all forms, including salaries, supplements, bonuses, cars or vehicular access).

Bid tabulation sheets for all capital purchases.

All professional or administrative service contracts for 2009-10 and 2010-11 and continuing contracts for 2011-12.

A report showing detailed costs (registration, meals, hotel rooms, transportation, etc.) by individual, for all conferences, seminars, workshops or organizational meetings attended by School Board members and any school system employees for the last two fiscal years.

A schedule of all compensation by individual name for the Northampton County Board of Education (BOE members, Central Office, Principals, Assistant Principals and all non-teaching positions) over the last three years.

A narrative report regarding the effects to the Northampton County School System of the recently adopted State Budget as well as a narrative on the effects to the school system of the recently adopted county budget.

Copies of all minutes of all Board of Education meetings and committee meetings (including any video or audio tapes) since Jan. 1, 2011.

Any request by the Board of Education or staff  to the County Commissioners to transfer funds  into current expense fund from the capital outlay fund or other reserve or designated fund in the last five years.

A list of how much local expense money has been transferred to the Charter School (Gaston Prep) in the last five years.

Identify who is responsible for pursuing all available fines or forfeitures due to the school system.

A list of all non-government funding sources, such as PTAs, foundation or other fund raising or charitable entities, showing contributions for each over the last five years.

The mediation was initiated by the Board of Education after their local allocation was cut $393,462 in the county’s 2011-12 budget.