Bazemore signs with WSSU

Published 4:29 pm Monday, April 25, 2011

WINDSOR – WyKevin Bazemore made it a family tradition last week.

The Bertie High School senior became the second member of his family to sign a basketball scholarship after standout seasons at Bertie High School.

Bazemore will attend Winston-Salem State University where he will play basketball in the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association. His brother, Kent Bazemore, was one of the most outstanding players in the Colonial Athletic Association last year after finishing his junior season with Old Dominion University.

“I look at my brother as a role model,” Bazemore said. “He’s a great person on and off the court. We talk regularly all about college life – both athletics and academics.”

The younger Bazemore said he wanted a school that believed in graduating players and he was pleased with the fact that WSSU graduates 89 percent of their men’s basketball players.

“I like the coach because he is a player’s coach, but I also really like that they have graduated 89 percent of their players,” he said. “Being a student-athlete comes first.”

Bazemore said he had learned a lot during his high school career and had enjoyed it.

“The first thing I had to learn was to control my attitude,” he said. “I’m an intense player, but coach taught me to control my emotions and I think that has made me a better player.”

Lester Lyons, Bertie’s Head Basketball Coach, said Bazemore was one of the first players on his team to understand what he was trying to accomplish.

“He took to me early and understand what I was trying to do as a coach,” he said. “He led a lot by example.

“You probably won’t find a kid that works as hard as Bazemore,” Lyons added. “Winston-Salem got a steal today.”

Lyons said he felt Bazemore would be an immediate asset to the Winston-Salem program.

“He’ll be a good player and a good leader because he does both naturally,” Lyons said.