Fourth and Long

Published 12:37 pm Wednesday, April 6, 2011

So, I’m going to be completely honest with you. I have entirely too much going on this week for my brain to attempt to put together too many complete thoughts, none the less turn those thoughts into coherent and comprehensible sentences.

Due to my above mentioned day dreaming, instead of a normal column I am going to share with you this week just a few of the random thoughts floating around in this big head of mine.

A few of you may be regular readers of Fourth and Long and if you are let me tell you how much I appreciate you looking for me every week. For those of you who happen to be reading this, but don’t check in with me often I ask that you allow me to make one thing perfectly clear. I am no longer a journalist, I am a columnist.

There is a large difference between the two. I am of the opinion that as a journalist you take on a certain moral obligation to discover and pass on to your readers the whole truth communicated in a way that shows no bias and contains no agenda. This does not always happen but still it should be the expectation.

A columnist on the other bears no such obligation. While I may sometimes use my column as an opportunity to educate or inform readers of something I think you should know it is never un-biased and often has an agenda.

I am a fan first and foremost. I am very emotional and passionate about sports. I have my favorite teams (even occasional readers know this about me) and I will not hesitate to show my pride in them. I will also not hesitate to talk a little smack about my favorite team’s rivals.

It is my hope that you read and enjoy my column for what it is, entertainment and a little insight into the perspective of a rabid fan.

Speaking of favorite teams, I have to mention that this Saturday brings with it the annual UNC spring football game. My wife and I are heading towards Chapel Hill Thursday night and staying in town for the weekend.

The game was a lot of fun last year and, while I don’t expect turnout to be quite the same as it was last April, I still anticipate a large crowd and a great time. The players and coaches will be accessible before the game so if you are at all interested I suggest you head that way Saturday Morning.

Local gridiron standouts Tydreke Powell and Travis Bond along with former Hertford County High School Offensive Coordinator Brian Overton will be around and I’m certain would appreciate some hometown folks to come by and show their support.

I don’t know if any of you watched the men’s basketball national championship game, but it was an awful spectacle of basketball. Regardless of its inability to accurately crown the nation’s most talented basketball team, I still believe that more often than not, college basketball’s postseason is the best postseason in all of sports.

It is far and away more exciting than any of the other postseasons and while the most talented team doesn’t always win, I still argue that usually the best team winds up winning in the end. This year may not be a great example of this, however.

If I had told you four months ago that UConn would win another championship, I doubt you would have been surprised. If I had told you it would be the men who would win it all and not the women then I imagine you would have called me crazy. You would have been right. Nobody saw that coming.

Baseball season has begun and my Yankees look great and Boston is 0-4. Life is good.

Is anybody else as happy as I am that the Nuggets have managed to win more without Carmelo than they did with him? Go Denver.

David Friedman is a long-time contributor to Roanoke-Chowan Publications. A Bertie High School graduate, he and his wife currently reside in Wilmington. David can be reached via e-mail at