Dag gum dogs

Published 8:50 am Tuesday, March 8, 2011

To the fella in Northampton County whose tranquility is getting messed up by all those deer dogs….

What those deer hunting guys over there need to do is teach them ar ole deer dogs to read. I’ve had hounds for near on to 45 years. They’re pretty easy to train. First thing you got to do is to put them posted signs down at their eye level so they can see it. Then they will either tippy toe across the posted land or go around it.

Serious now; if Northampton County has no more problems than that, then count yourself as blessed.

I looked up the word tranquility, it means “free of any commotion.” Can you tell me how those deer dogs going through a piece of woods are going to cause a commotion? I guarantee you that all those starlings and black birds and their droppings that bombard your yard this time of the year cause you more problems than those ole dogs.

Are you really going to have a commissioner’s meeting about this?

Are you going to have your tranquility messed up when wildlife eats up your crops?

Somebody needs to get a life and enjoy what is given to them. The land doesn’t belong to us…it’s just ours for a season; when we die it will be somebody else’s; when they die it will be somebody else’s and so on. This goes all the way back to the Indians.

I have dogs running all around my property year-round and it doesn’t bother me one bit.

Have a nice day and smile…God loves you and everything else on this earth.

Elmer Vann