Site selected

Published 12:05 pm Friday, February 11, 2011

WINDSOR – Discussion has ended and work has begun.

The Windsor Board of Commissioners brought resolution to the location of a proposed new Farmer’s Market during their meeting Thursday.

Mayor Jimmy Hoggard announced that all parties involved have agreed to the site location in front of the Roanoke-Cashie River Center, located just yards from the Cashie River.

“After discussion with all parties, they have reached an agreement to put the Farmer’s Market where we suggested,” Mayor Hoggard said. “It will be at the front entrance of the River Center.”

The Farmer’s Market has been a subject of lengthy discussion over the past two months since Matt Miller of Project H presented a plan to the board. A grant received by the non-profit Project H team allowed for $120,000 to be spent toward the design and execution of the Farmer’s Market.

Students at the Bertie Early College High School, enrolled in classes with Miller and Project H Director Emily Pilloton, will help design and implement the market.

The exact location of the facility had been in debate for several weeks.

Two original locations – the former CarQuest building on Granville Street and a place near the Cashie River boardwalk behind the WilcoHess station had both been considered.

Some commissioners preferred the Granville Street site, saying it would help attract people to the downtown area, while others preferred adding beauty to the riverfront.

After more study and examination, Project H leaders asked to have the CarQuest site removed, preferring new construction for the project.

As a counter, they offered to construct the market at the site of the former Purple Lizard Lounge, also located on Granville Street.

They also discussed the possibility of putting the market inside the River Center grounds, but some leaders felt the site wouldn’t be visible from the roadway.

Following a closed session to discuss some of the property locations, board members suggested placing the Farmer’s Market at the River Center, which would allow that group to oversee it, but to move it to the front of the property.

That suggestion is the one that was eventually approved.