Windsor Board approves two measures

Published 8:29 am Thursday, January 27, 2011

WINDSOR – Two lingering decisions were made here Wednesday morning.

During the reconvened meeting of the Windsor Board of Commissioners, that group made choices concerning the windows for Town Hall and the water replacement line for Sutton Drive.

In the regular meeting earlier this month, the Windsor Board agreed to let Linda Hoggard, who is designing the renovations to the Windsor Town Hall, look at a possible substitute window to be used in the building.

Members of the board had expressed concern about the price tag of Andersen windows and had received two bids from Riverbank Building Supply to provide cheaper windows.

As Wednesday’s meeting began, Windsor Mayor Jimmy Hoggard called on the town’s designer for the changes to Town Hall.

Linda Hoggard said she had looked at the designs of the window replacements and that she had found them unsatisfactory.

“I looked at the (lower priced) windows and they are no comparison to the Anderson windows,” she said. “The muntins are too wide.”

Hoggard said the replacement window and the entire unit provided by purchasing Andersen windows were vastly different.

“I don’t’ see any choice but to go with the Andersen,” she said.

Commissioner Bob Brown replied, “So what we’re saying is that we are getting better quality and the look of the window is better.”

Hoggard said yes.

Brown said he had no problem with the report and made a motion to spend the $10,500 for the new windows. Mayor Pro Tempore Hoyt Cooper offered  a second and the motion passed without objection.

The board then shifted its attention to repairs of the draining pipes under Sutton Drive. Commissioners agreed earlier this month to move forward with the project, but had some concerns about the pipe being put in.

Commissioner David Overton said he believed it should be a concrete pipe and Town Administrator Allen Castelloe agreed with the suggestion. Board members asked Castelloe to go back and have the two bidders change their respective proposals to include a concrete pipe.

Wednesday morning, Public Works Director William Coburn presented the new prices to the board. Tim Phelps gave an initial price of $31,550 but included a conflict box in his bid at a price of $1,650. A bid from Boyd Copeland was $39,975, but did not include the box in his price quote.

Coburn said that because the box was not an automatic requirement and would have to be added, the $1,650 had to be backed out of the Phelps quote, making it the cheaper of the two.

Brown said he saw no reason not to move forward with the Phelps bid and offered a motion to do so. Commissioner Joe Alexander offered a second and it passed unanimously.