Relief Fund Boards appointed

Published 9:07 am Tuesday, January 11, 2011

WINTON – The Hertford County Commissioners have appointed new members to the Local Firefighters Relief Fund Boards.

During last week’s meeting, the commissioners found out from Clerk to the Board Shelia Matthews that they had not appointed any members to the board, but were required to do so.

Matthews said there was no record of the board making any appointments and asked that they consider appointing two people to each of eight boards within the county. The suggested appointments were made by the fire departments.

Commissioner Ronald Gatling made the motion to appoint the members, some to a two-year term and others to a one-year term. Commissioner Curtis Freeman offered a second and it passed unanimously.

The appointments confirmed by the board were as follows:

* Ahoskie Rural Fire Department: Pansy White (two years), J.O. Sellars (one year);

  • Como: Samuel B. Howell (two years), Charlie B. Sumner (one year);
  • Wiccacon: Roy Worrells (two years), William A. Jones (one year);
  • Millennium: Richard Lassiter (two years), Phil Terry (one year);
  • Murfreesboro: Lloyd Hill (two years), Sarah Wallace (one year);
  • St. John: Josh Baldwin (two years), Ray Burkett (one year);
  • Union: Jay Askew (two years), Jamie King (one year);
  • Oak Villa: Calvin S. Hall (two years), Wesley Liverman (one year).

During the meeting, the board also approved various other items. They included:

  • approving the purchase of a sound system for the commissioners room;
  • signing off on a Sewer Users’ Agreement for the Tunis Sewer District;
  • agreeing to paying 50 percent of the funding for an Agriculture Agent at the North Carolina Cooperative extension Office in Hertford County; and
  • meeting new employees for the county.