Choose wisely

Published 1:05 am Saturday, October 30, 2010

Those of legal age have the right to register and vote.

Tuesday thousands will make their ways to the polls in North Carolina and around the nation as we choose our next leaders, perhaps deciding to stay with those currently doing the job.

Think Richard Burr is making headway for North Carolina? He needs your vote. Believe it’s time to give Elaine Marshall an opportunity to see if she can do better, she needs your vote too.

The same holds true for each and every race that dots the ballot Tuesday. Those who have your support need your vote if that is to transfer to victory. We can want, hope and wish for election of certain candidates, but if we don’t cast a vote in their favor, we may as well be wishing on a star.

We rarely take this space to tell you who we think you should vote for. On rare occasion, we have endorsed candidates who particularly deserved election, but generally we keep those thoughts to ourselves.

What we do encourage is that everyone get out to the polls and cast your vote for the person you believe is best suited for each position.

Tuesday will see our region help elect a United States Senator, a U.S. Congressman, a state senator and a state representative. In addition to that, there are ballots for sheriff, county commissioner, clerk of court and the members of the Boards of Education.

You must choose wisely to make the future better, but if you don’t vote your choices, you will have no say in making our area, state and nation a better place to live.

–         The Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald