Hats off to R-CH

Published 10:51 am Friday, October 29, 2010

To the Editor:

Recently, my sister had to rush her husband to the hospital due to severe abdominal pain. He was taken into the emergency room right away and not long after they discovered he had a ruptured bowel and some kind of ulcer.

I’m not real good with medical terms, but anyway my brother-in-law had to be taken into emergency surgery. With great confidence and faith in God and the doctors, he came out better than he went in.

The reason in writing this letter is because a lot of people in this area talk bad about this hospital. They say they would never come to this hospital, leave and go to Greenville.

I feel if that had been my sister’s decision, I don’t believe my brother-in-law would have had such a good recovery. Sixty minutes can make a huge difference in an emergency situation.

My brother-in-law could have come out of that surgery a very sick man for a long time; he may have had to wear a bag on his side; or he may have had to be fed intravenously for a long time, but he didn’t. In fact he came out feeling better than he had in a long time and he looks healthier too.

My point is if you find yourself in an emergency situation, don’t think this hospital is not good enough. An hour can make a huge difference in your loved one’s life.

All hospitals are capable of making mistakes, even Pitt County.

So, hats off to Roanoke-Chowan Hospital. Thank you for saving my brother-in-law and for taking such good care of him.

A special heartfelt thanks to Dr. Lingle, the anesthesiologists and staff in the operating room. A huge thanks goes to the emergency room doctors and staff for acting so quickly and finding the problem and preparing him for surgery. Your patience and understanding will not be forgotten.

And a special, warm, heartfelt thanks to the third floor nurses and staff for taking such good care of my brother-in-law during his stay with you.

Barbara Lau-Austin