Livermon Park and Zoo reopens

Published 7:46 pm Wednesday, October 27, 2010

WINDSOR – There’s good news for both children and parents.

Earlier this week, the Livermon Park and Mini Zoo in Windsor reopened for use by the public.

The park had been closed since flood waters swept through Windsor several weeks ago.

“As soon as the waters were gone and they could get back in there, they began working,” Windsor-Bertie Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Collins Cooper said. “They have cleaned everything in the park and got it ready for the public.”

Cooper said that the park had been a focal point of the cleaning and that all of the animals had been returned to the zoo.

“They’re walking around and having a good time,” Cooper said. “I think the animals are glad to be back home.”

While the park is open, those who make the trip to York Street are being encouraged to be careful if they decide to use the boardwalk for the Cashie River Wetlands Walk.

“It’s technically open, but the boardwalk hasn’t been pressure washed at this point,” Cooper said. “We would encourage people to wait until it has been, but if they go on the walk, they should be extremely careful.”

The park is one of the biggest attractions in Windsor and has been closed for nearly four weeks.

“We certainly encourage people to get back into the habit of using the park,” Cooper said. “It’s a wonderful place for the children and the parents. We hope everyone will use it as they did before.”

The Livermon Park and Zoo is open from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. through Friday.  The park is always open from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. on the weekends and those hours take affect seven days a week after Daylight Savings Time ends Sunday.

Anyone with questions about the park should contact the Chamber office at 794-4277.