Windsor Town Hall closes

Published 3:45 pm Thursday, October 21, 2010

WINDSOR – The Windsor Town Hall has been closed.

Wednesday afternoon an inspection of the facility revealed three kinds of mold were in existence underneath the floors of the building and that has forced town officials to temporarily move their offices.

“We had been waiting to have the town hall checked because there were so many other places flooded that needed to be our first priority,” Windsor Mayor Jimmy Hoggard. “When we got to the point they could check town hall, they found that mold had started to grow under the building where the water stood.”

Because the mold was found in the portion of the building used by both employees and the public, Windsor officials made the decision to close the structure and move a mobile unit onto the parking lot behind the building. That mobile unit is expected to arrive Friday.

“We know we need to do some work inside and it’s not a safe place for the public or our employees at this point,” Mayor Hoggard said.

The mayor said floors would have to be removed and the mold blasted to make the building safe. That process is expected to begin shortly after the town is able to remove its belongings.

The good news concerning the town hall is that the mayor and commissioners were already working on details of remodeling the facility, including applying for a grant to provide more energy efficiency in the building.

“We have been working on plans to renovate town hall to help make it a more functional facility,” the mayor said. “This will certainly expedite the process, but the good news is the process had already begun.”

The work that has been discussed for town hall renovation includes the flooring, doorways and the entry area.

The grant, which came from the North Carolina State Energy Office, will allow the town to make drastic changes inside the town hall as far as efficiency.

The grant will provide insulated doors and windows, three heating and air conditioning units which are significant upgrades and a programmable thermostat. Low-flow toilets are also included in the grant.

“We are pleased to receive the grant, especially at a time when we’ll have to make some pretty significant changes inside town hall anyway,” Mayor Hoggard said. “The grant and the pre-planning for town hall remodeling are the silver lining for us in this storm.”