Rangers are scary for a reason

Published 6:23 pm Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I was originally going to devote today’s entire column to the subject of college football and a progress report of sorts, kind of see where we are compared to where we thought we would be.

I will still discuss this below, but first I couldn’t help but make an observation regarding the American Legion Championship Series (ALCS).

I told friends months ago that I really liked the Yankees’ chances of winning another World Series so long as they didn’t get matched up with Texas in the playoffs. Texas can hit and Texas can pitch, but it’s their attitude that scares Yankee fans.

As I write this the Texans hold a 3-1 lead over the Yankees and can end the series with a victory in game five tonight.

I’m a Yankees fan and I’m here to tell you that the reason the Rangers will win the series is because they want it more. It’s sad, but true. The Yankees are a good team, but there needs to be an attitude change in New York this offseason.

We have reached the midway point of the college football season. Here are a few things I think I thought I knew, then forgot, but later remembered.

Alabama’s a shoe-in for the title game right? Most any top-ranked team can sustain a loss early in the season and still bounce back in time top crack the top two spots before the National Championship game.

Overcoming a loss is hard enough, overcoming what was clearly a moment spent behind the woodshed with the old ball coach may prove too much for defending National Champs to get over however.

With up to 15 players missing time throughout the season, North Carolina’s chances of contending for the Coastal Division crown are between slim and none right? One might (and many did) think that the football season in Chapel Hill was over before it began. Those people would be wrong. The Tar Heels currently sit at 4-2, their two losses by a combined 10 points and the winner of four straight, most recently a 44-10 shellacking of UVA in Charlottesville.

Tim Tebow was overhyped and the Florida Gators will still be an elite team so long as Urban Myer remains at the helm right? It seems that everything the Urbanator touches may not turn to gold. The Gators have lost three straight and still have South Carolina, Florida State and Appalachian State remaining on the schedule. Things are looking murky down in the swamp.

For sure Jimbo Fisher is going to need a few years to get Florida State back on top of the Atlantic Division and everyone in Tallahassee to forget about Bobby Bowden and start backing him right?

Apparently opening the season at 6-1 including four straight conference wins is a sure fire way to get people to stop talking about old what’s his name and start chatting up what a good “dagum” job your doing.

David Friedman is a long-time contributor to the Roanoke-Chowan News Herald. A Bertie High School graduate, he and his wife currently reside in Wilmington. David can be reached via e-mail at dave@gate811.net.