Honorable service?

Published 9:40 am Thursday, September 30, 2010

To the Editor:

The Honorable G.K. Butterfield has not been honorable with his constituents’ tax money, which is only the tip of the iceberg.

I have been observing Mr. Butterfield’s voting record long before these other purported financial improprieties became public.

First let us look at the most glaring of his votes – the Health Care Reform Bill. He went along in lock step with the majority of the Democrats to ram through a bank busting bill he and his colleagues never read.

To add insult to injury, he mailed out to most of his constituents a pamphlet explaining all the wonderful benefits of the Health Care Reform act. The U.S. Government spent 20 million of taxpayer dollars to print and mail these pamphlets. These pamphlets are fraught with inaccuracies and lies. GAO (an independent and nonpartisan investigative arm of Congress) issued a report for the public to read, which confirms my statement.

If a bill is presented by the Democrats to spend more money, then G.K. Butterfield votes YES, along with his Demo colleagues.

In the past five months the Republicans have brought a dozen cost-cutting bills up for a vote and Butterfield, along with his Dem pals, voted NO. Here are just a couple of them:

Government employees owe over one billion dollars in back taxes, but G.K. Butterfield voted, along with the Demo majority, not to collect them.

Reducing the number of government employees back to 2008 levels, saving taxpayers $3.5 billion a year and would include no cuts to the military, homeland security or border patrol personnel…Mr. Butterfield voted NO to this cost saving measure.

Everything I have written is public record; go check out my story.

This is why we are in big trouble in the old USA and our leaders in Washington, DC are saying not to worry; it’s going to be alright. Oh yes, and the recession is over and there is a tooth fairy.

My intentions are not political. I’m telling the sad truth which is not being told by some of our elected officials whose salaries and benefits are paid by us – the taxpayer.

James White