Capps no stranger to controversy

Published 8:48 am Tuesday, September 21, 2010

MURFREESBORO — Controversy seems to follow Lee Capps in government administration roles.

The ousted Murfreesboro Town Administrator reportedly resigned from his position with the town of Kilmarnock, Va. and was terminated from his position with the town of Mt. Gilead, NC.

According to an August 23, 2007 newspaper article from The Rappahannock Record, Capps resigned from his position as town manager during an emergency session of the Kilmarnock Town Council on August 19, 2007. A statement from then Mayor Curtis Smith referred to in the article said the resignation was a mutual agreement between Capps and council members and was based “primarily on personnel issues.”

The August 23, 2007 article also reported that Capps appeared before the Kilmarnock Town Council a few days after his resignation and pled to get his job back. Capps reportedly took responsibility for his shortcomings in the meeting, but reminded council members of his vision and achievements for the town.

Three citizens also spoke in support of Capps during that meeting.

The Montgomery Herald, based in Troy, Montgomery County, NC, reported in a July 22, 2009 article that the Mt. Gilead Town Board “voted unanimously to terminate the services of Capps immediately.”

The article also stated that Capps had been on a probationary status since his hiring in November 2008. The board had voted to extend that probationary status for an additional three months.

On Sept. 9, the Murfreesboro Town Council voted to dismiss Capps based on “failure to perform administrative duties in a timely and efficient manner and failure to inform Council of projects being worked on.”

The Murfreesboro Town Council recessed their regular Tuesday meeting until 9 a.m. today (Tuesday).