Bertie Middle School test scores rise

Published 8:29 am Thursday, September 16, 2010

WINDSOR – Test scores at Bertie Middle School increased for the 2009-10 academic year.

The overall composite for BMS improved 7.4 percent pushing the scores above the 60 percent threshold.  Scores also improved for the middle school students served by Bertie Academy, creeping up from 3.6 percent to 12.7 percent.

Bertie Middle School scored above the level predicted by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction in every tested area and also outpaced the targets set by the Bertie County Board of Education in five of the six areas.

In the eighth grade, students at Bertie Middle scored 84.2 percent proficient in mathematics. That score far outreached the predicted score of 58 percent as well as the target of 67 percent.

Eighth grade reading was similar as the total of 57 percent proficient exceeded both the predicted score (35 %) and the targeted score (48%).

In seventh grade math, Bertie Middle School was predicted to score 65 percent with a target of 72, but beat both of those measures by reaching the 83.3 percent proficient level.

In seventh grade reading, the students of BMS scored 49.1 percent, edging the district target of 49 percent and besting the predicted score of 37 percent.

Sixth grade math scores also outpaced the predicted (59%) and targeted (67%) scores when students scored proficient at a 73.5 percent clip.

Grade six reading scores did exceed the projected score of 43 percent, but fell slightly below the target of 54 percent. The seventh graders scored 53 percent proficient.

Despite the overall low scores of Bertie Academy, some of the scores were better than anticipated.

Sixth grade reading scores were predicted at zero percent proficient while the school district set a target of 20 percent. Students actually scored at 50 percent.

Grade seven reading also beat the predicted score of 14 percent, but fell slightly under the district’s target of 31 % when students scored proficient at a 30 percent level.

Grade eight reading was predicted at seven percent, but targeted at 25 percent. Students scored proficient at a level of 17.6 percent.

In grade six math, students were predicted to score proficient at a 33 percent level and targeted for 47 percent, but only scored 25 percent.

In both grade seven and grade eight reading, the predicted scores were that no students would score proficient. The district set a target at 20 percent for each area, but the final scores were zero percent scoring proficient.

Overall, with the two schools averaged together, Bertie County Schools had an increase in middle school proficiency from 54.1 percent in 2008-09 to 62.9 percent last year.