Vote for Bearfield!

Published 8:39 am Tuesday, September 14, 2010

To the Editor:

When I joined the staff at Bearfield Primary School, I had no idea that teaching would become my passion and that the children of this area would become the canvas with which we all could paint an awesome future for our town.  The children are wonderfully engaging and bright; the staff is so talented and the administration cannot be beat in this State or in the Nation.

These are not easy times for education, however, money is tight and we must seek other resources to meet and exceed our desire to educate the whole child.  The Pepsi Playground Project is one of those efforts to engage students in new, productive ways and to put a strong emphasis on healthy living.  Children learn best when they have hands-on and active opportunities for discovery learning.

The Playground Project is an extension of the classroom where discovery learning is at an all time high.  We are a farming region, which needs to be preserved and encouraged through our young student.  The project would allow for each class to grow a garden in the fall and spring.  The crops would be donated to our local food pantry, which in itself would be a great lesson.

The $50,000 Pepsi Grant would open the doors for all kinds of future grants because it would show community interest and involvement in our public schools.  It would in addition, send a powerful message to the students of our county.  It will take both public and private schools working together to make a better world for the children we serve.

We are in a perfect place to win the Pepsi Grant this month.  Chowan University students have returned and could be the determining factor in our ability to win. Roanoke-Chowan Community College, Ridgecroft School, Ahoskie Elementary, C.S. Brown High School, Early College, Hertford County High School, Hertford County Middle School and Riverview Elementary School could help if their computer classes would start the day with a vote for Bearfield.  All other county school systems could make such a difference if they joined us in voting.  Bearfield, in turn, could help them with a Pepsi Grant.  This is a yearlong project!

Vote for Bearfield at, go the magnifying glass at the top of the page, type Bearfield, sign in, at the left bottom of the page, click vote for or text 73774 and enter 101432. Please do this daily.  Put it on Facebook, call your friends, family, church family, and coworkers.  Be passion, be committed, be involved, and show this state that we will go to any lengths to educate our students with the BEST possible resources!  Ask everyone you see “ARE YOU VOTING?”

Carol Paul

Kindergarten Teacher

Bearfield Primary School