Support the Kramden Institute

Published 8:37 am Tuesday, September 7, 2010

To the Editor:

Did your child receive a home computer last week? Did your grandchild receive a home computer last week? How about your neighbor’s child?

Kramden Institute arrived at Ahoskie Elementary School last week with 50 refurbished computers for deserving students. I understand the response from the principal, Stan Warren, and the parents and grandparents was positive. These students will have a hand up with learning this school year. Thank you to Kramden Institute, a non-profit operating out of Durham, NC.

Kramden serves a worthy cause and the bulk of the work done is through volunteer time and expertise. There are costs involved, however. Kramden Institute suggests a $50 donation for each computer.

Were you approached to make a donation to this gift for Ahoskie’s students? Maybe you weren’t aware until now of the work Kramden Institute does for children in North Carolina. Is it possible for you to make a donation to show your support of education in your community and Kramden? You can make your tax-deductible gift through Paypal or directly to the Kramden Institute. Donation information follows.

Kramden Institute, Inc. 4915 Prospectus Drive, Suite J,  Durham, NC 27713
Phone: 919.293.1133  – click on Donate

Both of my parents were nurtured and educated in Ahoskie. I have a genuine interest in helping children, and although I nor my mother live in Ahoskie, we supported this distribution to your students. I hope you will find dollars in your pocket to lend support as well. Kramden would reap over $2,000 with fulfilled donations.

Please note, Kramden Institute made the donation graciously, without condition. They are all about giving students a hand up for learning.

What can you give?

Ruth Privette

Mae Odom Newsome

Jacksonville, FL