Time to stop reckless spending

Published 9:27 am Thursday, August 26, 2010

To the Editor:

The preamble to the US Constitution starts with “We the People”, not Pelosi; not Reid; not Butterfield. We elect individuals to represent us, and they are supposed to do the bidding of the people and not what they think is best because we as individuals are too stupid to know better.

Every bill that has become law under the present administration regulates our nation to the point where the government is more and more in control of us. Every bill that is signed puts the nation deeper in debt.

The amazing aspect is that the majority of the people do not support the bills that have passed; yet Pelosi, Reid, and Butterfield keep pushing them down our throats with no acknowledgement of how much further the US will go into debt and not even caring what “The People” believe.

The time is now to stop this reckless spending, taxation, and regulation. We must develop a plan of fiscal responsibility, not just for ourselves but also for generations to come.

As the November election time draws near I encourage you to look at the conservative candidates who are needed to turn this nation and state around to a more stable condition.

In particular, look at the platform of Mr. Ashley Woolard who is opposing G.K. Butterfield for the First Congressional District seat. Mr. Woolard is a businessman who knows the pains of small business people as they get crushed under more regulation. Mr. Woolard knows about staying within a budget. Most important, Mr. Woolard is a person of “The People” and is ready to represent “The People” and not special interests like his opponent.

Dianne M. Layden

Belvidere, NC