r-cnews.com New and improved!

Published 9:26 am Thursday, August 26, 2010

In a world of technological advances that come at such a rapid case that what’s new today is obsolete tomorrow, the Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald is attempting to remain ahead of the game.

After months of planning, we launched our new and improved website (www.roanoke-chowannewsherald.com) last week.

While it’s a typical newspaper website – complete with links to all news/sports articles and advertisers –  it comes in a more navigable, visually appealing format. Plus the ease in which we are able to post that information electronically allows us to present it faster.

Thanks to an easier way on our end to post the news, you can now expect more of it online, including frequent updates concerning community happenings (listed on the Calendar of Events portion of the site) and Society news. Unfortunately, both of those postings took a backseat on our old website.

Another example is high school athletics. This past Friday marked the opening of the prep football season. Our staff covered three games and our stories/photos from those contests were available online before midnight.

We will also be able to easily post more photos from the major events we cover. They will be listed under “Latest Galleries.”

For you Facebook fans, visitors to our website can directly link to that popular social media source.

The new website also features a significant change in functionality as only registered users will be able to read comments posted by other readers.

If there was one drawback, it came when we unable to migrate our database of registered users from the old site to the new one. We apologize for that, but it will take only a few minutes to register on the new site. Be reminded that registration on the new site requires

valid, verifiable first and last names, telephone number and e-mail address. Those using fictitious names or contact information will be banned as registered users. You can still use a nickname to post your comments.

We hope you enjoy the new website and will make it a part of your daily routine.