The RCP Media Campaign Package

Published 4:54 pm Thursday, August 19, 2010

If you have clicked on this section of the website, you are one of 3 people:

1) My family reading this article (Hey everyone!)

2) Trying to find Cal Bryant’s latest column (Try the opinion tab)

3) A decision maker who needs rates to promote something.

If you are number 3, then I’d love to be of assistance.  My name is Brian Pavlick and I am the Advertising Director for Roanoke-Chowan Publications.  From helping mom-and-pop businesses to assisting with media campaigns for larger distributors, our sales team is ready to finding a personalized media campaign package that provides the results you desire.

What distinguishes us from other newspapers are 4 main factors:

1)Audience – No one in our area provides your message to more people than we do.  The numbers speak for themselves: 50,000 weekly print fans, 24,000 weekly email readers, 15,000 weekly website fans and 1,000 facebook fans.  We can provide advertising through these different areas and your message will instantly be seen by 90,000 people over the span of one week.

2)Range of Products – All newspaper companies have print editions and most have a website as well.  Few are expanding to emails and facebook.  A limited number are publishing niche magazines.  RCP is doing it all!  If you are interested in special editions like our Real Estate Guide, Living Magazine, FYI, Crossroads or Business Card Directory, we can help you get your message out.  If you prefer special editions like our All Roanoke-Chowan Teams, Watermelon Festival Guide, or Letters to Santa, we can help you get your message out.  Or, if you simply need the print/online combo, we can help you get your message out.

3)Expertise – Our dynamic 4-person staff has over 50 years in the newspaper business.  We know what works in this area and can assist with a creative message for our readers.  Our staff members live in our coverage areas of Bertie, Gates, Northampton and Hertford (NC) counties, so not only do we know the readers, we live with them.

4)Affordability – Obviously, you want to talk price and you can rest assured that we are a competitive media provider that will make sure your campaign is cost-effective and yields the highest return on investment.

If you would like more information about our products, I invite you to call or email any member of our advertising team:

Brian Pavlick (Advertising Director) -(252)332-7201 or

Judy Farmer (Marketing Advisor) – (252)332-7217 or

Tammy Perry (Marketing Advisor) – (252)332-7203 or

Anna Phipps (Classified Advisor) – (252)332-7204 or