Be a good sport

Published 3:48 pm Thursday, August 19, 2010

The season has officially arrived.

As Roanoke-Chowan area students bid farewell to their summer vacation and return to class, that means the formal start of the prep athletic season in the local area.

After a few weeks of practice, area high school athletes will don the uniforms bearing the colors of their respective schools and go forth in an effort to broaden their life experiences by participating in their chosen sport.

We commend the efforts of these young men and women. They have decided to blend their daily academic environment with a side dish of athletics. That is no easy chore for a teen. However, studies have proven that prep athletes often fare better in the classroom than their peers. Perhaps that is because being an athlete brings a sense of discipline and structure as well as interacting as a team member; traits that spill over into the classroom.

As the 2010 high school football, soccer, tennis, volleyball and cross country seasons get underway, we need to offer our support to these young people. It doesn’t matter what the scoreboard reads, they are all winners just by proudly representing their schools and making the extra effort to compete athletically.

And while showing that support through by attending these athletic venues, be sure to represent yourself, your family and your team with the utmost class and dignity by showing good sportsmanship. Fans do not need to spoil the hard work put in by these young athletes and their coaches in preparation for an event by making derogatory remarks aimed at the players or officials.

Enjoy the game, cheer for your team and be a good sport.

– The Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald