Skate park good for Windsor

Published 7:32 am Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kudos again to the Windsor Board of Commissioners.

The group – headed by Mayor Jimmy Hoggard – likely stepped out of its own comfort zone Thursday morning when they agreed to proceed with the next step of adding a skate park to the town.

While the step in itself may not be a surprise in a bigger or metropolitan area, it is unusual in a small town such as Windsor for several reasons.

One, many small-town boards are not able to think outside of their own desires and wants to working with people who have different interests and hobbies.

Two, the average age of the members of the town board would likely qualify for social security. For men of that average age to not only agree to, but to take leadership in, a skate park is truly commendable.

The skate park is an incredibly good idea for a small town such as Windsor, especially considering its location. There are currently no such parks in Hertford County or Chowan County, meaning those neighboring youngsters could also be served.

A skate park would not create any major problems with Livermon Zoo and Park because only a few items would need to be relocated to provide the space.

The park will also draw more people to a town zoo and park which is already a popular tourist destination.

Thursday morning’s action showed forward thinking and concern for the youth of the community, two ideas which should be more common among local elected leaders.