NC 11 & 11 changes underway

Published 9:17 am Thursday, August 5, 2010

AHOSKIE – Scheduled changes to the NC 11 & 11 intersection near Ahoskie are taking shape.

As reported earlier, the North Carolina Department of Transportation has opted to close off the east side of the intersection, thus transforming it from a crossroads to a T-intersection. This plan was developed in response to multiple accidents, some with fatal results, occurring at the intersection over the years. The majority of those accidents involve vehicles pulling into the intersection in front of oncoming traffic. Southbound traffic on N.C. 11 and northbound traffic on Old N.C. 11 (SR 1213) currently have to stop and wait for cross traffic to clear before continuing. Traffic on N.C. 11/Short Cut Road does not stop at the intersection.

NCDOT crews have investigated the NC 11 &11 intersection and determined that a traffic signal was not warranted at this location. Warning flashers have been in place at this intersection for several years and did not eliminate the problem, according to the DOT. Other options have been considered, including an overpass and roundabout. DOT officials say that a T-intersection is an immediate, cost effective option to eliminating the hazard until funding is available for a permanent solution.

Old N.C. 11 will be closed to traffic from the intersection to Deerwoods Road SR 1215). Drivers traveling south on N.C. 11 will either have to turn left or right and will no longer be able to continue straight onto Old N.C. 11. Traffic will have to use Modlin Road (SR 1130) and U.S. 13 to travel around the closure. That scenario will add approximately two miles to the route motorists now travel between Ahoskie and Murfreesboro.

In addition to the closure at Old N.C. 11, a traffic signal will be installed at the intersection of Modlin Road and U.S. 13 to accommodate the new traffic pattern.

That traffic signal has been installed, but is not yet fully functional. It is expected to become operational on Monday, Aug. 9 to coincide with barricades being placed on the east side of the NC 11 & 11 intersection.

“All of this work is contingent upon the traffic signal being activated on schedule and if the weather will cooperate,” said Win Bridgers, DOT District Engineer.

Currently, information signs near the NC 11 & 11 intersection are relaying a message that reports a new traffic pattern will occur on Aug. 9.

Bridgers added that after the barricades are in place at the intersection, DOT crews will install an earth berm between Deerwoods Road and the 11 & 11 intersection. He said that will stop any traffic from driving around the barricades in an effort to follow the route now in place.

“There needs to be some type of physical obstruction there; otherwise, motorists would simply ignore the barricades,” Bridgers said.

Additionally, Bridgers said he expects that signs will be placed at convenient locations that warn motorists of Old NC 11 no longer being a thoroughfare as well as signage that directs drivers from US 13 to NC 11 and vice-versa.

“The majority of those who use this road are local motorists and they will know how to get around this newly designed intersection,” Bridgers concluded.