Northampton School Board adds work sessions

Published 10:00 am Friday, July 30, 2010

JACKSON – The Northampton County Board of Education is seeing changes in the form of work sessions.

At a work session held here Tuesday, Board Chair Bill Little announced the board would be holding work sessions every fourth Monday of the month.

“For several months of this past year some were expressing concerns that if they were not a (board) committee member then they were not getting all of the information,” he said. “So, to make sure we share that information we will start having a work session.”

Little continued by reiterating that regular board meetings would be held at their normal time, the first Monday of each month. Meanwhile, a work session will be held every fourth Monday and will feature items for the board’s information.

“Now between the board meeting on the first Monday and the fourth, that’s when the committees will meet,” said Little. “At the work session, the committees will report to the full board – the actions that were taken, the discussions, the materials – whatever.”

He asked the chairpersons of the committees to establish a date and time for their committees to meet. Little noted that not every committee would have to meet each month. Little said he, along with Schools Superintendent Dr. Eric Bracy, would prepare the agendas for both the work sessions and the regular board meetings.

A packet listing board members and the committees they serve on was handed out. He noted on the second page two ad hoc committees, which only exist for a specific topic or matter and then are dissolved.

Little said the first ad hoc committee was to create guidelines for travel and conferences for board members. He added the board has been discussing laying down guidelines concerning the matter for approximately three years.

“Have it available if you can by our August work session for us to discuss it,” he said.

The second ad hoc committee, Little said, is “to define and recommend a vision, a mission and what the core values of our system is going to be in the years ahead.”

He concluded those items would become a part of the strategic plan.