Northampton finances in red numbers

Published 9:05 am Tuesday, July 27, 2010

JACKSON — Despite revenues running under expenditures, Northampton County’s finances are expected to come out in the black by the 2009-2010 close out.

Northampton County Finance Officer Dot Vick presented a financial update information paper to the Board of Commissioners at a recent meeting.

“These by no means are the final figures for June,” she said, noting at the time the county was still receiving revenue and accounts payable.

Vick said general fund revenues are currently running $179,011.40 under expenditures and the Department of Social Services’ revenue is running under expenditures of $453,701.68. The net revenues under expenditures of the two is $632,713.08.

Despite being under revenues, Vick does believe the county’s general fund will come out revenues over expenditures once the rest of June’s figures come in.

Vick said an estimated $200,000 in sales tax alone was expected to be received by close out of the month of June.

As for DSS, Vick said DSS Director Al Wentzy was working on bringing revenues above expenditures and believed the operating fund would break even.

The enterprise funds show the water fund at $205,418.67 over expenditures.

“So they have done better in 2010 than in 2009,” she said.

However, Vick noted the solid waste fund at $7,231.07 under expenditures.

“Now, they have some cash in that account,” she said. “We still have some receivables, but it won’t be that much.”

Vick said when came to the departments she expected them to break even.

“The highlights I want to call your attention to where we went over in the revenue—three or four areas—and what we’ve collected, $174,000 more in taxes than what we have budgeted,” she said.

Vick said the Health Department revenue in sales and services has a surplus of $313,000 over budget. Vick commended the department for that extra revenue.

She said the Sheriff’s Office also saved money by deciding to fund positions later in the year.

Vick said $171,000 was a surplus in the Northampton County Schools budget, however $135,000 of it is capital outlay that they would be asking to carry it forward.

“That’s been standard for years,” she said.

Vick added $127,000 would come back to the schools as they saved $13,507 when they pre-paid a debt and took another $250,000 in Lottery money.

“So that’s why we have some balance left there,” she said.

Vick said the county saved $80,708 this fiscal year on liability insurance.